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Room 669

a Supernatural fan community

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Welcome to Room 669: A Supernatural Multimedia & Discussion Community!

This community was created because, quite frankly, we're kind of tired of the craziness of the Supernatural Community. We love and respect the show and the people involved, and we've been really turned off by the lack of respect that a lot of "fans" have displayed. Complaining every time something on the show doesn't go their way, letter-writing campaigns, picking the show apart, treating the actors like body parts. The communities seem to be overrun with slashfic and bad photo manips and very little discussion about the actual show or the actors and their work. If that kind of community is your thing, then that's great. But it's not ours. We want intelligent discussion, theories, pretty pictures, silliness, but most of all respect.

Posting is moderated. This makes it so that we mods can see the posts that come through and can reject the ones from people who, quite frankly, don't bother to read the community rules. Don't worry about the length of time it'll take to get posts approved, there will almost always be someone around to approve your posts.

We plan on doing some really fun things with this community, so we hope y'all join us!

Here's what we're interested in seeing here:

-SPN News
-Pictures. ESPECIALLY pictures.
-Episode & Actor discussion, but not salacious gossip.
-Media, videos, episode song lists, etc.
-Jared & Jensen's other work.
-Theories, spoilers (but only behind a cut), show speculation.
-Shooting schedule information.
-Appearances, fan encounters, set visits, etc.

Here are the rules:

  • All spoilers must be behind an lj-cut. Spoilers are defined as any information from an episode that
    has not aired and up to one week after the most recent episode has aired in the U.S.. Since we're
    starting the community in the summer, nothing up to the end of Season 2 currently counts as a spoiler.
    Since we will be coming up on Season 3, spoilers will include any casting information, episode
    information, or episode titles for upcoming episodes. Some people are really touchy about spoilers,
    so we're covering as much as possible. The general rule is, if you're not sure if it's a spoiler,
    cut it.
    If you don't know how to cut it, learn how.

  • No bashing. The show, the actors or their families/girlfriends, your fellow community members.
    There are plenty of communities where you can have your bitchfests. This isn't one of them. Recently
    there was a fandom-wide hissy fit over some casting spoilers. That's not going to happen here. We're not
    saying you have to love every second of the show, but if you have criticisms, state them respectfully.
    This isn't going to be a negativity free-for-all. Keep in mind that most members come here because they
    love the show, and for people to whine about everything they hate makes it a miserable place to be for
    those of us who aren't as critical-minded.

  • No over-the-top invasions of the actors' privacy. It's one thing to wonder whether the actor has a
    girlfriend and what his sign is. It's quite another to speculate on every detail of their lives. Think
    about it this way: would you want some stranger out there picking apart everything you say or do? Me
    neither. We don't have the right to know anything about them that they don't want us to know.
    Please respect their privacy.

  • This community is slash-free. It's not that we don't appreciate slash. It's that almost every other
    SPN community seems to be overrun with it. We want our community to be different. This means no slash
    fic, no manips, no rps. No making up rumors that the two actors are dating/gay/whatever. Let's stay
    within the realm of reality here. "I wish they would..." is a lot different than "They totally are."

  • And while we're at it, no fanfic at all. There are more than enough communities that allow that already.
    In fact, once we get going, we'll probably affiliate with some of them. But we won't be allowing it here.

  • No icons. Not because we don't like them, but because we don't want a community overrun with them.
    So we're just not allowing them at all. Again, there are plenty of icon communities out there already.

  • As far as fan-created things go, let's just stick to wallpapers. (Because everybody loves a good wallpaper!)

  • If you have any questions, please contact your friendly neighborhood mods at room669.mods@yahoo.com.

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